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20/01/2021    Why flexibility is key when funding your forecourt

For many dealers, their wholesale funding is tied to consumer finance sales – the more retail business they write, the more preferential rate funding is made available to invest in stock. Our latest blog explores some of the key considerations you should be aware of before signing on the dotted line. Read more

14/12/2020    Five future predictions for the used car sector revisited

Liam Quegan and Pam Halliday revisit their predictions for the used car sector 18 months and one global pandemic later. Read more

23/11/2020    Has a second lockdown altered dealer plans in England?

We reflect on the outlook and prioritise for dealers in the wake of the second lockdown. Has it impacted business? Read more

14/10/2020    Nine things successful dealers are doing in 2020

Read our Sales and Marketing Director Pam Halliday's nine tips to boost your dealership to success. Read more

25/09/2020    How dealers can plan for the future effectively

This blog explores what dealers can do to ensure that their businesses are safe and secure for the remainder of 2020, and indeed 2021. Read more

23/09/2020    Dealers lean on Covid-19 recovery loans and overdrafts to keep forecourts stocked

The latest dealer sentiment survey commissioned reveals that since 1st June, dealers have used government-backed Covid-19 recovery loans to stock up their forecourts. Read more

08/04/2020    Where to head for financial support

To help you navigate the vast amount of information available, we’ve taken some time to call out a few of the useful links and resources recently shared on our Cox Automotive website. Read more

11/03/2020    Dealers mixing valuation tools with instinct to source the best stock

We explore the tools available to dealers and discover how they are combining data-led solutions with their own business instincts to achieve the best results. Read more

05/03/2020    Dealers combining instinct with valuation tools to identify the best stock

Our latest NextGear Capital survey results reveal dealers are utilising online valuation tools and their instinct to support with pricing decisions. Read more

28/01/2020    A seasoned approach to sourcing stock

We look at how dealers are adapting their stock sourcing strategies based on seasonal factors and the impact this approach can have on their business. Read more